Genesis & JLE JInternship

20th June – 19th August Genesis JInternship (8 weeks including 6 weeks internship & 2 weeks pre-trip)


20th June – 5th July (Study Explore Israel Trip – 2 weeks joining with Internship Programme)

$899 Full Internship Programme. Excluding flights. Subject to Interview. Genesis scholarship can be applied.

£119 Study Explore Israel Trip. Excluding flights. Subject to Interview. Genesis scholarship can be applied.

INTERN: Genesis, JLE and JInternship have partnered together this Summer to offer you a sensational experience in Israel! The internship track will see you living together in self catered apartments in Israel in an exciting 8 week study and professional internship scheme in an area of your choosing!

About the Programme

Genesis & JLE JInternship 2018

Make Israel your home this summer in our new sizzling 8 Week INTERNSHIP & STUDY programme, soaking up Israel, independent living and gaining professional work experience in the homeland of the Jewish People.

Why Israel?

You’re not seriously asking that are you? Israel in the summer has it all...great weather, great food, amazing people plus limitless opportunities to be inspired and connect to the Jewish People. Israel has made its success out of entrepreneurship, hard work, creativity and determination, it is a fantastic place to intern and make your summer count!

Why an Internship?

Ok, so you’re doing a three year course, your summer lasts four months and what you do with it says a lot about you. Using one summer to gain great experience and clarity on your future life choices will not only start to give you clarity on which direction you want to take in the future but it also looks fantastic on your resume and might make all the difference to your future. What’s more to seal a work placement in an exciting start Up nation like Israel takes things to a whole new level!

Why with Genesis?

Cheeky! You can expect all of the things you love about Genesis from inspirational shabbatot, great speakers, a team of dedicated educators to turn a summer internship into a thought provoking, character building, soul nourishing journey of a life time! Plus there's always great food. All that said, as we foray into the world of medium length trips, this new program will also give you your independence, time to travel and explore the country within the structure of an inspiring group programme.

How is the program structured?

You are keen! We start with a short orientation and Shabbat together before an incredible 2 week study/see the land opener with amazing classes in the morning followed by some sizzling trips and excursions in the afternoons. Yalla! Now it's time to roll up your sleeves & get to work with a 5 week internship working 9-3 before we wipe away the tears and wrap things up with a final few days together at the end. Shabbatot are a combo of those spent together and the freedom to do your own thing but check out the section on weekends for more details :)

What about the weekends?

For the 8 weeks we will have 3 phenomenal group Shabbat experiences together, 1 in the Old City of Jerusalem, 1 up north in the spiritual powerhouse of Tsfat and 1 with some of the most welcoming host families around! That leaves every other Shabbat for you to spend as you wish although we will always offer an organised alternative for those who would like hospitality, #chickensoup or to spend meals with our own Genesis team who will be with you throughout.

Tell me more about the Internship?

Ok you got it! You will work for 5 days a week Sunday-Wednesday, usually 9-3 although this may vary slightly according to your internship placement. When applying to the programme you will let us know the areas you are interested in gaining experience and we will find you relevant placements. You will have an interview with our internship coordinator and be put in touch directly your placement ahead of the trip. Early application will allow us to find you the most suitable placement. Once in Israel, you will be given a travel pass for Jerusalem and also a food voucher to cover meals. A dedicated internship coordinator - who will be responsible for making sure all is well with your placement and accommodation.

What types of internships are on offer?

To have a look at the different opportunities on offer please visit the Jinternship website -

When do we learn?

Great question! After the learning in the first two weeks, for the remaining 5 weeks there will also be a chilled study session two evenings a week.

How do we connect with Genesis Israel Volunteers in Netanya?

Shabbatot will be together and you'll also have a fair amount of free time to visit each other. Israel's not so big and you are located very near to the train and bus station too!

Where will we be staying?

You will live independently in apartments in Jerusalem in the area close to the Machane Yehuda Market which is one of the most desirable places to live in the city. Close to the light rail, buses and the main central bus station this area is also home to ‘The Shuk’ the amazing bustling Jerusalem Open Air Market which come to life at night with an incredible array of bars and restaurants.

How much does it cost?

For an incredible 8 weeks in Israel you need to only pay $899 (or $799 if you're one of the first 20 applicants!).This price excludes flights which you need to purchase yourself. Payment is made directly to Jinternship. Acceptance is subject to interview. Once accepted a $399 deposit is required within 7 days to secure your place. Genesis scholarship can be applied to the trip price up to a maximum of £200.

Where do I sign up?

Click on the Apply Now button below. Once you have applied you will be contacted for an interview.

*A $399 deposit is required to be paid to Jinternship to secure a place. Scholarship earned during the year from attending the Genesis weekly programme can be applied and claimed back. Full Internship programme price - $899 flights not included. Successful applicants for the 2 week pre-Internship Study Explore Trip must pay £119 to participate, flights not included.