Summer in Israel - Further Options

Volunteering at Bet Elazraki Youth Village July 2017

What is Bet Elazraki?

Bet Elazraki Children’s Home is home to 200 children from 5 to 18 years old. The children are removed from their own homes by the Ministry of Social Services, the court system or the police when they are in a life threatening or destructive environment. The children come from dysfunctional families and cannot be raised by their parents due to violence in the home, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental illness, abandonment and a combination of all of the above. Bet Elazraki’s goal is to break the cycle of distress into which, through no fault of their own, these children are born. The delicate, vulnerable children that come into the Home can now feel safe and secure in the fact that they have found a real home that will provide them with warmth and be with them their entire lives.

Psychologists, social workers, art and occupational therapists, and loving caregivers start the process of healing. The belief at Bet Elazraki is that the best way to help the children, in addition to limitless love, is educational success. The summer camp programme is an important component of the child’s development and healing process.

Is this opportunity only open to participants of the Genesis Israel summer trip?

There are limited spaces available for this opportunity and priority will be given to participants on the Genesis Israel Summer Trip. If you are not coming on the Israel trip but would still like to be considered please contact us directly to discuss the options.

What is included?

All meals and lodgings are provided. In addition a dedicated member of staff at Bet Elazraki will provide training for you as well as support throughout your time at the children’s home.

How do I apply?

To apply for this opportunity please write up to 300 words about why you want to volunteer at Bet Elazraki, what you hope to gain from this opportunity and any relevant experience. Please also include the email address of a reference. This should be sent to by March 31st.

What are the dates of the programme?

The programme begins July 5th - the day after the Genesis Israel trip finishes and you will have the option of staying until either 21st or 28th July.

What will my role be?

Your role is to be a brother or sister to the children at the home, to enjoy the summer programme along with them, provide friendship, support and add value to the summer camp experience for the children. As a volunteer, you will gain leadership skills, work as part of a dedicated inspiring team gaining valuable lifelong experience.

What will a typical day be like?

There is no typical day on the summer programme although you will be given a weekly schedule which will prepare you! Your day will begin bright and early by waking up the children and your day will end when you tuck the kids into bed. The programme has a great variety including a 3-day hike in the north of Israel, visits to water parks, colour wars and much more. The programme is a lot of fun and will have a good blend of activities on and off site. If you have talents you can share with the children such as musical or artistic abilities you can teach these during the camp (please make this known on your application).

Who else will be working and volunteering on the camp?

The summer programme will be coordinated by the staff of Bet Elazraki. As well as the Genesis volunteers, there will also be volunteers from the USA.

Will I need any money?

There will be a free evening once a week and volunteers will have time set aside to go out together for a meal once a week which you should also bring money for.

Do I need to speak Hebrew?

This is an advantage but not essential. Many of the children speak basic English.

What is the religious ethos of Bet Elazraki?

The home is run on a religious yet non coercive ethos. The home is strictly kosher and is run according to Jewish values. Some of the children are religious and others are not religious, however in public places Shabbat in observed. Volunteers should behave in a manner which supports the religious nature of the home.

What free time will I get?

Each week you will have one evening free. You will have the option of going away for 1 Shabbat of the 2/3 although if you would like to spend every Shabbat with the children you will also be welcome to do so.

Where will I live?

You will live with other volunteers at Bet Elazraki in Netanya.

What level of responsibility is expected of me during the camp?

As a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ at Bet Elazraki you will be a role model for the children. Therefore a high level of personal responsibility is asked of you. Both in sight and out of sight of the children you are asked to maintain this high level of conduct - this includes refraining from excessive drinking whilst on the programme.

The following is a quote from a letter from an American College student volunteering at Bet Elazraki: “I only now have managed to grasp the meaning of great giving – pure and real giving that gets you nothing but the wonderful advancement of these children in return.”

To apply or for more information contact:
R’ Adam Ross
Tel: 07974 222 361