At a Glance: Vayeira

November 3rd 2014

By Aish UK

Abraham welcomes in three strangers to his tent and prepares a meal for them. One of the visitors tells Abraham he will have a son at the same time next year. Sarah hears this and laughs at the prospect of her and her husband having a child at their age. 

The visitors leave, and head towards Sodom. God tells Abraham what lies in fate for the city, and Abraham intercedes and prays for Sodom, asking that it be saved on behalf of the righteous people who live there. There are not enough righteous people to be found and the city is doomed.

The angels come to Lots who takes them to his home but the Sodomites wanted them turned over. The men took out Lot, his wife and two daughters from the city to escape before it was destroyed. Lot and his daughters run to the mountains to hide. His daughters ply their fathers with wine and lie with him, each giving birth to a son.

Abraham travels to Gerar, and as in Egypt, pretends Sarah is his sister and she is taken by the ruler. God appears to Avimelech and tells him she is a married woman. He returns Sarah to Abraham and sends them off with flocks, cattles and servants,

As promised by the visitors Sarah gave birth to a son, he was named Isaac. Isaac was circumcised and raised by his elderly parents. Sarah saw the son of Hagar was mocking and tells Abraham to send them away, which he does. Hagar and her son run out of supplies and the boy's condition deteriorates. Hagar prays and an angle of God tells her that he will become a great nation. They survive and settled in Paran. Abraham makes an alliance with Abimelech.

God tests Abraham, and asks him to offer his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice. Abraham takes Isaac and they build an altar and Abraham ties up his son and just as he is about slaughter Isaac, an angel of God tells his to stop. Instead of Isaac they offered a ram.

Abraham recieves news Bethuel had a daughter, Rebecca.


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