At a Glance: Vayikra

February 28th 2014

By Aish UK

God instructs Moses and Israel regarding the offerings and sacrifices to be brought up in the Mishkan.

The offerings encompassed many different categories and included many types of animals.

There were elevation offerings, Olah, which were entirely consumed by the flames of the altar. These could be brought from cattle, sheep, goats and fowl. 

Meal offerings, of flour, oil and frankincense could be brought on the alter and cooked in an oven, pan or deep pan.

The Peace offerings, brought voluntarily came from cattle, sheep or goats.

There are six types of sin offerings listed, one for an anointed Kohen, for a matter hidden from the congregation, a goat for a ruler, a sin offering of an individual, a variable offering and one of an oath of testimony.

Guilt offerings are brought by those whose actions are doubtful.


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