At a Glance: Beha'alotcha

May 30th 2014

Aaron lights the Menorah before Moses consecrates the Levites into the service of the Mishkan.

The Israelites are told to take the Pesach offering for the second time. For those who were unable to offer it up in the appointed time, Pesach Sheni was instituted. One month after Pesach, those who missed out can bring the Pesach offering.

During the day a cloud would cover the Tabernacle and at night there would be an appearance of fire. The travels of the camp would be dictated by the cloud, if it rested, they would rest, if it moved so would they.

Two silver trumpets were made, to be used to summon the people and signal the camp was to travel. They were to be used in war and for festivals, for Rosh Chodesh and for offerings.

Moses invited his father in law Yitro, to join the Israelites but he returns to his home and to his family. 

The first journey, leaving Sinai is made. Upon arrival at their first destination, people complain, resulting in an outpouring of wrath against the people. Further complaints about the Manna are made.

God tells Moses to gather seventy elders from Israel who would share the burden with him. 

In response to the people's complaints about the Manna God sent Quail into the camp for the Israelites to eat.

Miriam and Aaron challenge Moses's uniqueness, but God summons the three of them to confirm Moses as his trusted one. Miriam is afflicted with tzara'at, Moses pleads with God to heal her which He does.